Brand: New Zealand Honey
Origin: Imported
Expiry Date: Between 9 to 15 months

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New Morning Raw Unblended Rainforest Honey is 100% pure, raw and unblended forest honey made from the nectar of hundreds of Acacia flowers found in the 500,000 acres of tropical evergreen rainforest in Borneo.

Untainted by chemicals, antibiotics and additives, also unheated and un-pasteurized, New Morning Raw Unblended Rainforest Honey is rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and natural antibacterial properties to strengthen our immune system, improve our energy level and maintain our healthy digest system.

Enjoy the delicious and distinctive taste of our New Morning Raw Unblended Rainforest Honey.

The honey is pure and natural. It may crystallizes but this does not affect its quality. If the honey crystallizes, leave the jar in warm water until it becomes clear again.

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