Manuka Health

Focus & Care From Hive to Home

Manuka Health’s governance and collective expertise from land to hive to shelf ensures utmost quality and product integrity. From beekeeping through to production we preserve the integrity and purity of the natural ingredients and apply scientific testing to guarantee the quality of our products.  When it comes to our New Zealand honey and Propolis, we extract our product all at our Wairarapa Apiculture Centre in New Zealand.

We also have one of the largest customised honey facilities in Te Awamutu, New Zealand including an ISO17025 accredited laboratory, honey-drum storage, blending, packing and distribution under one roof.This means we can ensure a secure supply chain from beekeeper to finished product.

We have comprehensive authenticity and quality testing of the honey, both at raw material and finished product stages, guaranteeing quality, purity and safety.