Discover body care created in harmony with human and nature.

Weleda’s principles and philosophy stems from the teachings of Dr Rudolf Steiner in the 1920’s. He encouraged the individual to see his or her body, mind and spirit as intrinsically linked to our world - all a part of one holistic system. This led to his philosophy called Anthroposophy being applied to various fields eg. education (the Steiner or Waldorf schools), agriculture (biodynamic method – Demeter standard). In collaboration with Dr Ita Wegmann and a team of dedicated scientists and doctors, his philosophy and principles were applied to medicines and bodycare resulting in a remarkable legacy of products that today has a dedicated and growing following worldwide.

Today, Weleda remains true to these principles. Every Weleda product is the result of carefully developed formulations and processes which transform pure plant extracts, herbs and flowers into premium quality products. At every stage of production from cultivation to final product, only the highest standards are upheld. A portion of Weleda’s raw and base materials are grown in Weleda’s own biodynamic medicinal plant gardens. The remaining raw materials are sourced worldwide from small and large farms, cooperatives, cultivation projects and trade companies. Fair prices and long- term contracts ensure sustainable and successful cooperation with all of Weleda partners.

Weleda products are free from synthetic fragrances, colour, preservatives, emulsifying agents and parabens. The fragrance consist exclusively of pure, natural aromatic plants oils. Weleda products are internationally recognised for their purity, reliability and effectiveness, We do not test our body care products on animals.